My Links

Welcome to my website, I'm Chaussettes. You probably already know me personally if you're here, but if not you are welcome too. I enjoy making art, and here you will find links to my social media and ways to keep up with me or figure out what I am doing.

This site exists mainly as a place to compile links to all of my social media so I don't have to link 5 or more things at a time if I want to post art somewhere or for whatever reason. Also I always thought personal websites were a cool concept and I grew up in the tail-end of the era of the internet where many people had their own personal website. It will be fun to experiment and learn what I can do with some HTML and CSS.

On the sidebar, you will find links to various pages of my site. Some things you will find are:

  • Links to all of my social media.
  • Info about me if you care reading.
  • Super secret scraps of art that I do not post anywhere else because they are either unfinished or not up to my standard.
  • Maybe some simple art tutorials or walkthroughs focusing on my specific style.

I had a lot of help in figuring out how to get this site looking the way I want it to look by following the concepts from this tutorial. It's very easy to understand and helped me to throw this place together from scratch with my own touches.